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    Much like other global cosmopolitan capitals, Tel Aviv reveals a contemporary interpretation of a vibrant dynamic lifestyle. Tel-Aviv’s unique urban experience offers a wide variety of culture, art, entertainment, world-class cuisine, lovely beaches and a liberal, dynamic 24/7 atmosphere. Its attractiveness as one of the most popular travel destinations is no wonder. The more tranquil residential neighbourhoods surrounding the city center allow an invaluable sense of privacy, while still remaining within reach of all the city’s most prized benefits.

    One of these uptown neighbourhoods, “Ramat Aviv Gimmel”, is reinventing itself. RECANATI RESIDENCE, Located in the heart of Recanati Street, reflects style and elegance while harmoniously blends with the local urban fabric, presenting a quintessential example of urban renewal at its best.

    RECANATI RESIDENCE offers a truly superior living experience addressing the need for large, comfortable living spaces, optimal natural lighting and ventilation, coinciding with outstanding design standards.




    Ramat Aviv Gimmel is renowned as one of the most exclusive Tel Aviv neighborhoods north of the Yarkon River. Its unique scheme, jeweled by charming green public open spaces, spreads a wide range of services, institutions, as well as cultural, leisure and shopping centers, including Shuster & Elram Plaza, a family medical center, fitness club and an active community center. Ramat Aviv is also home to the Eretz Israel Museum and its planetarium, two state-of-the-art sports centers with swimming pools and tennis courts, Tel Aviv University, the Alliance High School, recognized as the best school in the entire Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area, kindergartens, an elementary school, the prestigious Ramat Aviv Mall and more. Recanati Street is ideally located right at the heart of this thriving neighborhood, within a walking distance from the finest amenities and even the beach.


    Ramat Aviv Gimmel’s lifestyle is characterized by four essential features: excellent accessibility to the best services, active involvement in community life, complete privacy, and a deep-rooted sense of home. A variety of activities are always available for adults and children alike, such as the Scouts Youth Movement, based near the elementary school, and the community center that runs classes for as all ages, toddlers to seniors. Access to a vast selection of leisure options in and around the neighborhood elite shopping, culinary, cultural, and art experiences has never been easier.


    Located on the western side of Recanati Street, by the Bet-Zuri pocket park, the RECANATI RESIDENCE comprises 198 residential units in three buildings, each one includes 16 floors above a double-height entrance lobby. The buildings stand over 15 meters apart from one another, and include three underground parking levels. Each building features specially designed lobby areas, three high-speed elevators, and access to a garbage chute for convenient trash disposal. Storage rooms for residents’ use will be located on the entrance and basement levels. Together, the trio of buildings constitutes a harmonious addition to the neighborhood’s established character.
    The RECANATI RESIDENCE‘s perfect setting, in the heart of a popular, and well-known residential neighborhood, creates the feeling of a warm, welcoming home. A feeling that is only deepened by diverse flexible layout options that enable residents to create interior spaces adapted to their own personal preferences.


    Each contemporary residential space presents a sophisticated lifestyle experience that creates a comfortable and pleasant place to live.
    The RECANATI RESIDENCE offers a selection of 3, 4 and 5-bedroom apartments, as well as magnificent 5-bedroom penthouses and mini-penthouses. Each apartment is outfitted with the latest advances in infrastructure, including a smart home system, high-quality window frames, superior flooring and wall cladding, air-conditioning systems, kitchen cabinets, and premium bathrooms featuring deluxe fixtures and faucets.



    RECANATI RESIDENCE‘s architectural design demonstrates meticulous attention to detail meeting the desire to provide every resident with nothing less than the finest quality, befitting the superior standards of Canaan Shenhav Architects.

    “Canaan Shenhav” is one of Israel’s most prominent architectural firms, specializing in luxury residential high-rises among other services. The firm delivers dynamic, creative thinking, which can be clearly seen in their detailed attention to the facades, building envelope, interior spaces, and advanced systems, all of which elegantly coexist. The Chief architect, Gil Shenhav, is a Technion alumni who has accumulated some 25 years of experience in architectural planning and design, specializing in luxury residential high-rises, residential neighborhoods, green building and sustainable design.

    RECANATI RESIDENCE is intended for those who appreciate design excellence, fine details and contemporary global design trends. The buildings stand out due to their exceptional variety of dwelling unit types, designed to meet diverse tenants’ requirements and lifestyles. The large span open flow spaces and flexible design layout options, enable personal customization of each apartment. The design’s flexible and integrative line, embraces the buildings’ surroundings, forming harmony on the ground floor level with the adjacent park and public realm.


    Oberson Architects, headed by architect Dana Oberson, complements the development by creating a striking interior design concept for the residential buildings’ public areas. Dana Oberson is a Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design graduate who specializes in of luxury homes. Design Her holistic approach enables her to highlight precise connections between the external environment and the internal architectural space. In this unique project, Oberson enhanced the interior spaces, endowing them with a classic, timeless look through the creation of a monochromatic palette, while using specific materials such as wood, iron, quartz, and dark concrete. The resulting effect is clean and contemporary, restrained yet not alienating, for a lasting updated impression.


    Recanati Project – Tel Aviv (Ramat Aviv Gimmel)

    A luxury residential project in the Ramat Aviv Gimmel neighborhood of Tel Aviv. The project includes a total of 198 apartments in three buildings, with each building comprising 16 residential floors above a ground floor and a shared underground parking lot. A variety of 2, 3, and 4-bedroom apartments are available, in addition to mini penthouses and penthouses. Extensive landscaped areas are found throughout the project, which connect to a public park and grove to the west. The Recanati project is being jointly constructed by Ashdar, an Ashtrom Group company, and Ainav, a company with significant experience and financial strength. The project was designed by Canaan Shenhav Architects.

    Main Technical Specifications

    The Building:

    • Deluxe, especially spacious entrance lobby, planned by an interior designer and featuring exceptionally high quality finishing materials, as well as preparation for a guard station.
    • Residents’ club, including bathroom and kitchenette facilities + exit to the courtyard and deck.
    • Stone cladding combined with aluminum and wood-effect panels and curtain walls.
    • Gated underground parking exclusively for project residents.
    • Parking for each apartment.
    • Large, spacious bicycle and stroller room.
    • Beautifully-designed floor lobbies, planned by an interior designer.
    • 3 stylish elevators per building.
    • 2 stairwells per building.
    • “Smart” modern garbage chute for quick, clean trash disposal with the ability to separate waste.
    • Storage area for each apartment.
    • The project is under the supervision of the Standards Institution of Israel in order to obtain certification under the Green Building Standard.

    *The plan and details provided on this page are solely for illustration purposes and are not binding upon the company in any way. The company will only be bound by the agreement and the technical specifications, in accordance with the Sales Law, which will be signed by the company and by the purchasers.


    The architectural design of the project combines disparate factors in the best possible way, harmoniously integrating spacious residential areas with high-quality finishes, and meticulous attention to even the finest detail. As just one example, the design makes a point of including unique insulation solutions that directly contribute to fostering a comfortable climate in every interior space. Insulated glass window panes also ensure excellent acoustic insulation for exceptional privacy. The uncompromising level of finish demonstrates the accuracy and quality that extend to every last detail. Furthermore, the plan presents a range of options to meet residents’ requirements, tastes, and preferences.


    Established in 1982, the Ashdar Building Company has long been known as one of Israel’s leading names in construction and real estate.

    Ashdar places the utmost importance on understanding the needs of its clients – from selecting projects in strategic locations, through developing innovative residential concepts, to unwavering compliance with the highest building standards. The company’s ability to offer its clients comprehensive services throughout every project stage, from initial planning and design, through engineering consulting, all the way to occupancy, with precise, top-rate finishing, has established Ashdar’s position in the highest echelon of the Israeli real estate market.

    Ashdar sells hundreds of residential units annually, with thousands more in various planning stages. Over the years, Ashdar has completed more than 20,000 residential units.

    Enav, one of Israel’s leading companies in the urban renewal (clearance & redevelopment) sector, has been working with Ashdar promoting the RECANATI RESIDENCE project. Considered a pioneer among leading urban renewal companies, Enev specializes in developing large scale projects. Enav currently promotes over 30 projects in various planning stages, which comprise more than 15,000 residential units, while remaining faithful to its core values, providing residents with the best quality solutions, aligned with their personal needs.

    Ashtrom, the building contractor, has been known as one of Israel’s leading construction companies for the past 55 years. The Ashtrom Group provides its clients with professional engineering solutions from top to bottom, and undertakes Israel’s most complex construction projects in general, and luxury residential projects in particular. Ashtrom contributes exceptional skills to the RECANATI RESIDENCE project, in addition to its commitment to ensuring exemplary construction standards in the apartments and public spaces, and works closely with each resident to provide them with the optimal results throughout the entire construction process.

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